We are here to help everyone learn better through inclusive arts. Please take a look at this short video and browse around.

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The Alexander Society for Inclusive Arts was inspired by the Camphill Movement for Social Renewal. We have learned over two decades of delivering arts based programs in our community that it is good to include the land in our experiences. Artfully and Gently Including all kinds of people in our programs has also included engaging [...]

The Advent Candlelight Ceremony on December 10th served as a wonderful culmination to 2023. The evergreen spiral gradually filled with light as each person walked to the centre to light their candle and place it along the path of the spiral on the way out.  The journey was accompanied by the gentle music of guitarist [...]

Fall Programs

Wow! Fall is in the air!  The winds have changed and the seeds are ripening.  Every fall we look forward to the start-up of the Creative Arts Program for Adults. This will begin on Tuesday September 26th and run for 10 weeks.    New this fall:  We are starting a program for children aged 7 [...]

AGM June 11/23

The AGM for the Alexander Society will be held on Sunday, June 11 at 2 p.m.   We will meet at the home of E.D. Kathleen Purdy at 1064 J.Jordan Rd. Canning.  Come and hear about our plans for the future!   All are welcome.   Please RSVP via email: .    We’ll be talking [...]

  Dear Bill Gates, I did an experiment today. I asked Chat GPT to emulate you making a pitch to invest in building a model accessible mixed residential, commercial, agricultural neighbourhood/village that can produce more food and energy than it consumes.  This is what it generated: I’m here to present to you a visionary opportunity that [...]

The Alexander Society For Inclusive Arts has been helping people with developmental challenges grow and learn in healthy ways for over twenty years.  We have learned there are two important ways to focus our attention in providing developmental support: One is on helping the individual grow capacities for living successfully in community, the other is [...]

Join us for our first public event since March!   Wednesday morning, Oct. 14th.  We are partnering with Music in Communities to present a fun, creative activity of music and movement.   Since the number of people we can accommodate is restricted, please contact the email on the poster or to sign up.  Note the new [...]

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