Creative Arts Program


 Creative Arts programs for children, teens and adults

Creative Arts programs provide children, teens, youth and adults with an opportunity for creative interaction with peers, while engaging in activities that foster sensory integration.  The objective of the programs is to further the cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth of the participants through drama, movement, music, drawing, painting and crafts. The Arts provide an ideal opportunity for  people to work and develop at their own pace.   All abilities are welcome.

Volunteers play an important role in the Community programs, ensuring that each participant is given the opportunity to fully engage in the activities. 

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We offer both community and in-school programs.  After-school and evening programs occur once a week for 8 – 10 weeks. 

In-School programs are available for all age levels.  The eight-week programs are preceded by a two hour in-service for Educational Assistants and Resource Teachers.  Following the eight weeks, facilitators meet with the staff for a debriefing and follow-up activities.

How the Creative Arts programs work:

Each Creative Arts program is focused around one story, usually based on a fairy tale or hero legend and runs for one and a half hours once a week, for eight to ten weeks.  The story provides the themes from which the other art activities are derived.  Through imaginative participation in the story, participants are guided to take on roles, learn new songs, play instruments, practice new ways of moving and engage in making props.  Everyone has the opportunity to experience the different visual arts: painting, drawing and clay work.   Each medium provides a different sensory experience and thus a different learning opportunity.    

Programs are facilitated by two – three individuals: a Story-teller/ Drama animator, a Music teacher/activity leader and sometimes an Art specialist.