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This Fall we are planning to run two programs:  one for children and one for youth and adults.  We have several facilitators on board as well as four Music Therapy students who will do a practicum with us.   To find out more about the programs, click on the About tab.   If you know of [...]

The Alexander Society for Inclusive Arts is running a 6 – week Creative Arts Program for Children aged 7 – 11 who have special needs or any learning challenges. With facilitators Kathleen Purdy and Music Therapist Heather Price, the children will engage in story, drama, music, movement & visual arts! Begins May 3 and runs [...]

Jam Dance is a fun way for all kinds of people to come together and express themselves in a safe and creative way with the help of  experienced facilitators and live musicians.  Our next event will be at the Louis Millett Civic Centre in New Minas on Friday, March 24 at 7:00pm. More about that [...]

Exploring Developmental Movement and Consciousness through the Fluid System  with Occupational Therapist  Kathie Brown. Oct. 29, 2016     10:00 – 4:30.    Greenwich Community Hall  Cost: $50. Our human bodies are largely composed of water. In this one-day workshop we will explore the characteristics of several fluid states, each related to different qualities of [...]

Thoughts for the day: Recent research shows the correlation between the amount of dramatic play in pre-school and expulsion rates.  Basically, less play leads to more expulsion.     Stephen Henshaw, professor of psychology at Berkley, says: “Even more vital than the learning of reading  is the learning of play skills.” In the 1970’s, Germany turned Kindergartens [...]

Students in the Horton High Resource Program are enjoying the Adventures of Odysseus on his journey home from the Trojan Wars.  Odysseus meets Circe and saves his men from being turned into pigs, he bravely steers the ship  through the whirlpools, barely escapes the sea monsters and the mesmerizing call of the mermaids or sirens.  [...]

Once again, the Candlelight Spiral Ceremony brings a wonderful warmth to the room and hearts of  the participants.  Here is the evergreen spiral in waiting: And here is the Candlelit Spiral: Hope to see you next year!

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