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We are very excited to begin an eight-week Creative Arts program at Three Mile Plains Elementary School.  We have chosen to work with the Adventures of Peronnik –  the story of a young lad who went on a quest to attain a magical bowl and spear.  On the journey, he must travel through a scary [...]

Jam Dance!

JAM DANCE is an inclusive, creative, physical and musical experience that fosters social engagement, diversity and cooperation.  It is for all ages and abilities.  Participants are guided through a variety of group activities ranging from joyous, raucous expression and celebration to listening, seeing and attuning to each other.  It is about building community.   Our last [...]

A beautiful, relaxing, inspiring ceremony.   A spiral of evergreen boughs is created on the floor; a central candle is lit.  Each person who chooses, walks the spiral into the centre, carrying an unlit candle, lights their candle, then places it somewhere on the spiral.  Watch the room gradually fill with light as you listen to [...]

Our fall Creative Arts Program for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities is well underway, with 11 participants, as many wonderful volunteers and 5 music therapy students!  A lively group.  The story follows the adventures of a Donkey Prince and a Brave Young Girl on their quest to retrieve a magic apple belonging to the prince’s mother, [...]

We are now several weeks into the new story – “The Raven Princess” –  based on a Grimm’s Fairy Tale, as are many of our other stories. When the princess was just a young child, her mother the Queen was trying to get her to have an afternoon nap; the child refused and threw a [...]

Fall 2013

In our Fall 2013 Creative Arts Program for Youth the participants got to dramatize two stories – the first was planned and run by me, Kathleen Purdy, and Music Therapist Heather Price. We chose the story of Iron John. Based on a Grimm’s Fairy Tale, the story relates the adventures of a young prince who [...]

Here it is – half way through the summer, and I am just now finding the time to consolidate my thoughts on the very full but rewarding winter and spring just passed.    Working in my garden has given me time to ponder all that has transpired and a moment or two to think about [...]

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