Arts and Free Play

Thoughts for the day:

Recent research shows the correlation between the amount of dramatic play in pre-school and expulsion rates.  Basically, less play leads to more expulsion.     Stephen Henshaw, professor of psychology at Berkley, says: “Even more vital than the learning of reading  is the learning of play skills.”

In the 1970’s, Germany turned Kindergartens into centres for cognitive achievement.  A study was done comparing 50 play-based classes with the new learning centres.  It was discovered that by age 10, the children in play-based classes were doing better, advanced in academics and better adjusted socially and emotionally than their peers in the new learning centres. The former also excelled in creativity and intelligence.

Meet the Author

Kathleen Purdy

Kathleen Purdy has been the Executive Director of the Alexander Society since its inception in 2000. She has been facilitating and developing Creative Arts programs for children, youth and adults since the beginning, working with musicians, storytellers and artists. Kathleen has a background in Modern Dance and public school teaching.

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