Buildings For Healthy Inclusive Communities

The Alexander Society For Inclusive Arts has been helping people with developmental challenges grow and learn in healthy ways for over twenty years. 

We have learned there are two important ways to focus our attention in providing developmental support: One is on helping the individual grow capacities for living successfully in community, the other is on helping whole communities grow capacities for including all people in community life.

Buildings and landscapes have a direct impact on social health and wellbeing.  Both residential and public spaces are healthiest when all people can enjoy them regardless of age, income, or ability.     When buildings facilitate hospitality, interdependence and mutual support between all neighbours, this can help reduce stress on our Healthcare system. 

What are the essential built components for healthy inclusive communities?

  1. Public parks, gardens and recreation spaces that welcome every person.
  2. Residential, public and commercial buildings are all 100% visitable by every person.        See:
  3. Buildings are Net Zero.  See:

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  • Namarome Manjeri Nov 5, 2021, 5:51 pm

    I am Namarome Manjeri from Uganda, we have search challenges here too can you extend your hand here in Uganda. Thanks

    • ASIA Nov 5, 2021, 9:07 pm

      We are a free knowledge resource for you to use in your community. Please read our history and watch our videos. We hope they help you learn good ways to include people with developmental differences as active, valued members of your community.

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