Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion with Jam Dance

Jam Dance is a program that is designed to bridge the gaps that separate people.   It is an inclusive form of guided creative physical and musical play.   It embraces the distinct  gifts of each person and encourages sharing and empathy.    The whole experience is alive with possibilities and opportunities to discover our selves, each other,  and to make connections.  This is all done by  improvising music and creative movement together with the support of some of the most open and creative  musicians in our community.    Jam Dance is all about listening, feeling, doing, and sharing an inclusive culture that is full of heart and joy.      Here is a poster for the next one.   You’re invited to come and be part of the fun.


















Meet the Author

Kathleen Purdy

Kathleen Purdy has been the Executive Director of the Alexander Society since its inception in 2000. She has been facilitating and developing Creative Arts programs for children, youth and adults since the beginning, working with musicians, storytellers and artists. Kathleen has a background in Modern Dance and public school teaching.

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