December 7/11 News: First Chapter of Workbook OnLine!

The first chapter of the Workbook: You Can Do It Too: Learning Through the Arts, is now online – it can be read and downloaded for free!  The story of “The Pasha, the Mice and the Cheese” is presented in full details for children aged 5 – 12.  Songs and movement games may be be used in other contexts and as daily activities.   Enjoy!   Look for Chapter 2 soon!

Other News:

The fall Creative Arts program for teens with special needs has wrapped up with the story of Peronnik and his journey to attain the “Bowl that fills and the Spear that Kills” .  Our hero, with the help of a Woman in Black, vanquishes the Magician Rogear, who has secreted the bowl and spear in his castle. With the “Laughing flower” that opens all doors, Peronnik found the bowl and spear, and immediately was transported back to the forest where he first encountered the Magician.  He traveled to the next town which was being overpowered by its enemies. He used his spear to kill the enemies, the bowl to heal the fallen, and thus saved the day & the town, after which he was made Prince of the Kingdom.  A celebratory banquet ensued!

Educational Support work at the South Shore Waldorf School has wrapped up for the season – I have been providing individualized programs for three children over the past nine weeks, programs which involve the children in activities using bean bags, balls, skipping ropes, painting and drawing, all of which strengthen the capacity for learning.

Winter is looking very full!

The Alexander Society has received a grant from the Eastern Kings Memorial Health Foundation to run a new program in the winter for children aged 6 -11: Music Therapy and Interactive Storytelling.  Movement, drama and visual arts will be woven into the program to create a full Creative Arts experience.   Registration is being accepted for the program.  It will take place on Tuesdays after school at the Anglican Parish Hall in Wolfville, starting in mid-January. Email for more information.

We will run a new school program for high school students who have special needs at Avonview High in Windsor.  The Creative Arts in-school programs provide a tremendous opportunity for the teachers and educational assistants to learn new strategies to use with their students.   Through the arts we draw on untapped strengths of the participants.

A new initiative in the works is a partnership with a local elementary school music teacher to bring more movement and storytelling elements into the music classroom.

Jam Dance continues, with one coming up on Dec. 15 and two in the new year.   Expect the unexpected!

I will end on a reminder from Sir Ken Robinson: The arts liberate people’s natural capacities.




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