Developmental Movement Workshop Oct. 29

Exploring Developmental Movement and Consciousness through the Fluid System  with
Occupational Therapist  Kathie Brown.
Oct. 29, 2016     10:00 – 4:30.    Greenwich Community Hall  Cost: $50.

Our human bodies are largely composed of water. In this one-day workshop we will explore the characteristics of several fluid states, each related to different qualities of movement and ways of being. Embodying the fluid system can expand possibilities for balancing tension and relaxation, transforming consciousness, and deepening presence.

This session is open to all. It would be of particular value to therapists, counsellors, educators, parents and people who work with those with special needs, along with anyone with a personal movement practice of any kind.

Kathie Brown is an Occupational Therapist (Reg NS) and Somatic Movement Educator (Reg ISMETA).
She is certified in Embodied Developmental Movement & Yoga and as a Somatic Movement Educator through the School for Body-Mind Centering®. Kathie is the co-owner of Dynamic Balance Centre for Occupational Therapy and Counselling in Blockhouse, N. S.

Info: ; or call Kathleen at (902)582-3888.

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