Fall 2013

In our Fall 2013 Creative Arts Program for Youth the participants got to dramatize two stories – the first was planned and run by me, Kathleen Purdy, and Music Therapist Heather Price. We chose the story of Iron John. Based on a Grimm’s Fairy Tale, the story relates the adventures of a young prince who frees a Wild Man (Iron John) from a cage and then goes with him into the wilderness where he is given tasks. Unable to complete the tasks, the prince is sent out into the world to learn what poverty is. So begins his archetypal journey of self-discovery on the road to becoming an adult. The Hero’s Journey.

Iron John’s crown and the three golden apples.

one of the three horses the prince rode

One of the three horses the prince rode

The second story, The Crystal Ball, was organized by the three music therapy students who completed a practicum with the Alexander Society. Again, this is the story of a young man who sets himself the task of freeing a princess from enchantment and at the same time freeing his two brothers who were all put under a spell by their wicked mother. Another version of the Hero’s Journey.

photo 5 photo 4 copy                                                                            The Eagle – one of the brothers the hero must free.

photo 5-1

The vision of the Alexander Society is beautiful communities in which the diversity of individuals and the land are fostered and celebrated.  To this end, the Social and Agricultural Renewal Committee was set up to begin the process.     Throughout the fall,  other initiatives have been simmering, notably the Housing First Committee of Kings County which has finished its present mandate to create a report on the state of affordable housing in Kings County,  bringing together like-minded organizations.   It is now time to meet with provincial representatives of Housing Nova Scotia to help determine the next step.

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