Fall Program in full swing! October 20, 2011

I am excited to welcome Music Therapist Heather Price as my co-facilitator for our fall Creative Arts program for teens. Heather brings a wealth of musical experience with her, and several of her M.T. students who are doing a practicum with the Alexander Society. This program takes place in Wolfville, N.S. every Monday afternoon and continues until Dec. 5th.  We welcome back many of the participants who have been with us for 10 years, and welcome many new volunteers from Acadia University and the local high school. If you know someone who would like to join as a participant or volunteer, please contact me.

We have chosen the ancient Breton tale about the adventures of  “Peronnik”, a poor wanderer who, through his wit and perseverance, gains the famed Golden Bowl and Diamond Spear.  It is another Hero Myth which involves the participants in many adventures.  Most recently, the hero had to catch the colt which guided him through the enchanted forest.  There he ran into a fierce storm,  made with many rhythm instruments and vocal sounds, evoking rain, thunder, lightening, animals calling, etc.  Everyone joyfully participated.

With this group of youth, there is no one who seems adversely affected by Sound, which, for some autistic children, can be overwhelming.   In our programs, we always take into account the individual needs of the child, so if there is someone for whom loud sounds are problematic, we would take that into consideration when planning the program.

My work also takes me to the South Shore Waldorf school of Nova Scotia where I have again taken up the Educational Support work with several students who require these special one-on-one activities to help strengthen their capacity for learning.   Our sessions consist of rhythmic games with bean bags, balls and skipping ropes, as well as Form Drawing and water colour painting.   All of these help the child reach their developmental milestones.   It is such rewarding work!

The first Chapter of the Workbook will be on line soon.  Please subscribe and be the first to see it!

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