Ancient Story Helps Learners Grow


March 16, 2011 The participants of the Creative Arts for Teens after school program are preparing to set sail for the land of Colchis.   Everyone helped decorate the boat and lace it together.

Jason and his men prepare to sail for the Kingdom of Colchis.

As we move the boat around the room we sing “We are sailing, sailing, sailing; we are sailing over the waters. We are sailing, sailing, sailing; we are sailing over the sea.”  Click the audio  link to hear what it sounds like… We Are Sailing by assn

When Jason arrives, he is told by the King that in order to have the golden fleece, he must complete three difficult tasks.

Next session, we will tackle the impossible and, with the help of Medea, prepare to meet the dragon that guards the fleece. Quite an adventure!

In the process, the teens who are challenged, participate to the full extent of their capacities, taking on roles, creating sound effects, becoming part of the sets, helping create props; and much more.  All the while having a lot of fun, and making new friends! Volunteers provide one-on -one support to each participant.  They are an integral part of the program.

Stay tuned for the final episodes!

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