June 28, 2012 Pilot Program at Residential Home complete.

For the last three Wednesdays, Music Therapist Heather Price and I (Kathleen) have brought  Interactive Storytelling and Music Therapy to youth at a local Residential Home.   All the participants are in wheelchairs, are non-verbal and some are blind.   So music was the main ingredient.  We based the program on the story of The King, The Mice and the Cheese.  This happens to be the first story published in my on-line workbook.  However, we did adapt it considerably to suit the needs of the participants by  adding new songs, adapting others, leaving out the art activities, bringing in lots of stuffed animals and so on.   All got to participate by playing (often with hand-over -hand support)  rhythm instruments for each of the characters in the story.   We were richly rewarded with broad smiles and signs of excited anticipation for what was coming next.    Plans are in the works for providing a ten week program in the fall.

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