New School Program January 2015

We are very excited to begin an eight-week Creative Arts program at Three Mile Plains Elementary School.  We have chosen to work with the Adventures of Peronnik –  the story of a young lad who went on a quest to attain a magical bowl and spear.  On the journey, he must travel through a scary enchanted forest, steal a magic apple from a grouchy goblin, a laughing flower from a lion who live snakes in his mane, then go to the castle where he must defeat a powerful magician, all of which he accomplishes through his wit, and goes on to save a town from invasion by its enemies – a true hero’s journey!

I hope to soon have the story published on this website in the Workbook.  Anyone is welcome to use it as a resource.


Meet the Author

Kathleen Purdy

Kathleen Purdy has been the Executive Director of the Alexander Society since its inception in 2000. She has been facilitating and developing Creative Arts programs for children, youth and adults since the beginning, working with musicians, storytellers and artists. Kathleen has a background in Modern Dance and public school teaching.

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