Summer Respite – Fall Outlook

New Developmental Movement workshops are being planned for Sept. 19 and October 24th.  Both are full-day sessions, facilitated by Kathie Brown, O.T. , certified in Embodied Developmental Movement and Yoga and as a Somatic Movement Educator through the School for Body-Mind Centering®.

In this two-part experiential workshop, we will explore the Basic Neurocellular Patterns identified by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen of the School for Body-Mind Centering®. The Basic Neurocellular Patterns are the foundation of our psychophysical expression—the way we move, perceive and relate in the world. Embodying and understanding early fluid and neurological patterns of movement can enhance our sense of presence and our ability to be present to others, especially babies and children.

These workshops will be of interest to anyone who is working therapeutically, or in early childhood education, public school, with people who are intellectually challenged, parents, etc.   You may be able to use these two days as a credit toward certification hours.  Please contact us to inquire further.  Click  Contact in the menu bar if you would like to register and/or have questions.  A flyer will be posted here soon.

Other possibilities for the fall include a Creative Arts Program for youth, a Leadership workshop for anyone who wishes to learn how to facilitate Creative Arts programs – they could be for schools or in the community.  See previous post for description of the workshop.

Until Later….Meanwhile, hope you’re finding  a way to keep cool!

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