The Enchanted Kingdom, continued…

May 27, 2011

These are sand pictures depicting the desert with the hot sun in the deep blue sky.  Onto a piece of blue card stock the teens glued a piece of shaped brown card, covered it with glue and sprinkled fine art sand over it.

“What dark magic made the beauty of nature vanish from my kingdom?” bemoans the King.  His Chief  Adviser responds “There is no such thing as magic!”  A Merchant arrives, bringing a beautiful tapestry on which is depicted a tree, birds and flowers.  The Princess is so enchanted that she asks the Old Artist living in the tower to paint some birds for her.  When the princess clapped her hands with delight, the birds flew out the window.  We made colourful birds from bristol board cut-out forms, tissue paper wings and decorated them with feathers, sparkles and crayons. They were then tied to the end of a thin dowel so the participants  could fly them out the window and through the air to land on the castle.    Lots of  bird sounds were made by the participants using mouth chirps and whistles and recorders.  The king was at first very happy, exclaiming “What magic is this?” but the Adviser reminds him “There is no such thing as magic!”  The next day, when the birds were not singing because there was no food and no water, the king again sighed his mournful sigh “What dark magic…. ” The adviser responded his usual response.  The princess went back to  the artist to ask for help. He painted some clouds, then asked her to blow very hard, and lo and behold, the clouds floated out the window!

Clouds were made from finely carded and dyed wool.

Soon it started to rain! The birds were happy once again, the king proclaimed “What magic is this?”

Next time we will see whether the magic remains!

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