The Enchanted Kingdom

Based on a story by Guido Visconti, The Enchanted Kingdom is a desert kingdom where dry winds  blow.

Years ago, all the trees were cut down to build a beautiful castle, but then the rains stopped because there were no trees, the flowers did not grow and the birds stayed away.  Through the desire of the Princess to see real birds, flowers and trees, and the magic of the artist, the Kingdom is restored to its natural beauty.

We have enacted this story with children as young as grade two and now are adapting it for teens with special needs.  Castle towers have been created out of refrigerator boxes and decorated by the children.  The sand dunes were shaped from cardboard and covered with brown translucent fabric.  Camel trains are heard and seen traveling over the desert, bringing treasures from other lands.

From the opening circle, we introduce the drama as we follow a leader to the area that has been set up to tell the story.

Come and follow one and all

We’ll hear the story of Xanadal

Enchanted by power long ago

A desert place where dry winds blow.

And so begins the story, with its songs, chants, followed by the drama, more music, movement and a visual art.  The first day each participant painted a bright hot sun against the intense blue sky.

Oh Great Sun burning bright

Giving heat, giving light.

In the next episode, a merchant will arrive from another land with beautiful tapestries to sell.  For the first time the Princess sees paintings of trees, birds and flowers and is enchanted by them.

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