Winter 2014

We are now several weeks into the new story – “The Raven Princess” –  based on a Grimm’s Fairy Tale, as are many of our other stories. When the princess was just a young child, her mother the Queen was trying to get her to have an afternoon nap; the child refused and threw a tantrum.  The mother, in frustration, as she looked out the window and saw a flock of ravens fly by, cried: “Oh, I wish you would just turn into  raven and fly out the window!”  And that is exactly what happened.  (Some of the participants really enjoy the opportunity to shout No! and stomp their feet as the little princess throws her tantrum!)   The story follows the adventures of a traveler who is determined to help free the Princess from her enchantment.    All the participants made Raven head-masks and with their black capes flew around the room with their “Caw, caws”. We have even begun a Raven dance.  Lots of songs accompany the story.

DSC00642 DSC00644

So far, the traveler has failed the test that the Princess set for him, but he will prevail!  Here are some paintings of the forest where the Traveler meets the Old Woman:

DSC00655 DSC00650 DSC00652 DSC00648_2 DSC00654

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