Students in the Horton High Resource Program are enjoying the Adventures of Odysseus on his journey home from the Trojan Wars.  Odysseus meets Circe and saves his men from being turned into pigs, he bravely steers the ship  through the whirlpools, barely escapes the sea monsters and the mesmerizing call of the mermaids or sirens.  [...]

Once again, the Candlelight Spiral Ceremony brings a wonderful warmth to the room and hearts of  the participants.  Here is the evergreen spiral in waiting: And here is the Candlelit Spiral: Hope to see you next year!

Kaleidoscope New Minas is a new program set up to offer day programming to young adults with special needs who are transitioning or have already transitioned from high school and have not found work placement.  Our goal is to continue to foster social and recreational development, and who knows…. maybe find hidden talents! This program [...]

When: Saturday Sept. 19, 9:30 – 4:30  and Oct. 24, 9:30 – 4:30 Place: Greenwich Community Hall Cost: $50 for each, or $90 for both In this two-part experiential workshop, we will explore the Basic Neurocellular Patterns identified by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen of the School for Body-Mind Centering®. The Basic Neurocellular Patterns are the foundation [...]

New Developmental Movement workshops are being planned for Sept. 19 and October 24th.  Both are full-day sessions, facilitated by Kathie Brown, O.T. , certified in Embodied Developmental Movement and Yoga and as a Somatic Movement Educator through the School for Body-Mind Centering®. In this two-part experiential workshop, we will explore the Basic Neurocellular Patterns identified [...]

The Alexander Society runs unique and exciting multi-sensory arts-based programs for children and youth of all ages and abilities.  Participants engage in storytelling, drama, movement/dance, music, painting, drawing and crafts. These Creative Arts programs provide an opportunity for people who are challenged to be with each other, and to build friendships within the community which [...]

  The students are loving it! They are excited about playing the characters, riding the “horses”, making music and art. Its already demonstrating how some children who experience difficulties in other parts of their school life, are thriving in this program! Starting this week the music therapy students will take over most of the facilitation [...]

We are very excited to begin an eight-week Creative Arts program at Three Mile Plains Elementary School.  We have chosen to work with the Adventures of Peronnik –  the story of a young lad who went on a quest to attain a magical bowl and spear.  On the journey, he must travel through a scary [...]

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