Free information session on “Underlying causes of Learning Difficulties”. What happens if certain developmental stages such as crawling, or achieving hand dominance are not met? This presentation will address the relationship between developmental milestones and the skills needed for learning reading, writing and math. You will learn about some of the “red flags” that could [...]

New programs for 2012!

Interactive Storytelling and Music Therapy for children aged 6 – 12 began on January 24 in Wolfville in an after-school program. The program is facilitated by Kathleen Purdy and Music Therapist Heather Price, with the support of volunteers from Acadia and the local high school, as well as three music therapy students who are completing [...]

New Arts Health Network Canada Website! November, 2011 Dear: AHNC/ AHNC-BC Friends, We are delighted to inform you that Arts Health Network Canada and its first provincial chapter, Arts Health Network Canada-BC, have launched a new and improved website www.artshealthnetwork.ca. Please visit our new site and send us your feedback; we would love to hear [...]

Now you can learn what you need to know to prepare for and facilitate Learning Through Creative Play.  Take a look at the Work Book link.  I will be adding chapters as time allows.  Please subscribe  and let others know about this resource.  I hope you find it useful and inspiring.   You CAN do it [...]

I am excited to welcome Music Therapist Heather Price as my co-facilitator for our fall Creative Arts program for teens. Heather brings a wealth of musical experience with her, and several of her M.T. students who are doing a practicum with the Alexander Society. This program takes place in Wolfville, N.S. every Monday afternoon and [...]

Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly   Monday, December 6, 2010 Resolution No. 2783 Whereas the Alexander Society of Wolfville celebrated its 10th Anniversary on November 19, 2010 and Whereas the Alexander Society was founded in 2000 by Kathleen Purdy and Kim Smith of Canning to enhance learning opportunities for children and teens who require special care [...]

  March 16, 2011 The participants of the Creative Arts for Teens after school program are preparing to set sail for the land of Colchis.   Everyone helped decorate the boat and lace it together. Jason and his men prepare to sail for the Kingdom of Colchis. As we move the boat around the room we [...]

The Enchanted Kingdom

Based on a story by Guido Visconti, The Enchanted Kingdom is a desert kingdom where dry winds  blow. Years ago, all the trees were cut down to build a beautiful castle, but then the rains stopped because there were no trees, the flowers did not grow and the birds stayed away.  Through the desire of [...]

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