The Alexander Society for Inclusive Arts, originally known as The Alexander Society for Special Needs,  was incorporated as a non-profit society on November 17, 2000, and received Charitable Status on November 14, 2001.   The Society is based in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada and operates with a volunteer Board of Directors, a part-time administrator and two Program Facilitators.   Our name was changed to the Alexander Society for Inclusive Arts in 2016 to reflect the social nature of what we have been doing – namely demonstrating we can all learn together  through inclusive creative arts activities.

The objects of the Society are: to provide arts-based educational programs to children, teens and adults with special needs and their peers, to provide resources for people working with special needs populations, to organize workshops and special guest speakers, to produce materials such as videos and workbooks, and to promote the inclusion of people with special needs into their communities.

After School and Evening Programs: Creative Arts Play Group for children aged 5 – 11,  Creative Arts for Teens aged 12 – 18 and Creative Arts for Adults.  All abilities are welcomed!  The programs run for ten weeks in the fall and winter, for eight weeks in the spring and sometimes for one week in the summer.

In-School Programs: Available for all grade levels.   Includes a two hour  in-service for Educational Assistants and Resource Teachers, an eight-week program for students and their support staff,  followed by an evaluation and debriefing with staff.

Workshops/In-Services: For educators, recreation workers, social workers and others interested in learning new teaching strategies.   An online workbook is in process (one chapter is available) which will help guide you in setting up your own programs.

Individualized Educational  Support for people who experience challenges with academic, social and mild behavioral issues:  Neuro-developmental assessments, program plans and implementation.

Jam Dance is a guided  improvisational dance experience in which musicians and dancers are inspired by each other.  All ages and abilities are welcome to bring their unique talents!  Much fun is experienced by all!

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